Earn Money With neobux

Make Money on Neobux without investment

If you are looking to make money, you are in the right place.
Let me first tell you that earning a decent amount of money from Neobux takes time though it is easy.
Put in your efforts and follow the strategy mentioned here - you will make good money.
Neobux is a PTC site since 2008 and it is one of the best in the business.
For those who do not know, PTC is Paid-To-Click which means that one will be paid to view ads. Sound ridiculous?! It is true! Read on to know how.
The advertiser pays Neobux to display their ads and the members are paid a part of it by Neobux to view the ads.
All the 3 parties involved in the business are benefited - Neobux, advertiser and of course the member which is us.
It is basically a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Earn Money

There are many ways by which you can make money in Neobux:
  1. Click ads: Avg. (25 ads * $0.001) per day
  2. Complete Offers: There are lot of free offers like app download, surveys, complete simple tasks, watch videos and so on
  3. AdPrize: You can win real cash or Golden membership with AdPrize. When you view ads, you are given bonus packs that accumulates to AdPrize and you could win $0.50, golden membership or points. Neobux seems to have taken a leaf from Neobux.
  4. Referrals: The best way to make money in Neobux which is explained in detail below.


This is the most exciting feature in Neobux. Your referrals will earn you money:
  • You get commission for every click your referral makes. Even the purchase your referral makes earns you some money. Awesome isn't it. 
  • Just make sure you click at least 4 ads every day to earn from your referrals.
There are 2 types of referrals:
1. Direct Referral (DR)
2. Rented Referral (RR)

DRs are always the best, but this is more difficult than RR but do-able. To get DRs,

  • I'd recommend manual traffic-exchange sites like trafficadbar, hitleap and easyhits4u to advertise your referral link for free. You basically surf sites of others in exchange of others viewing yours - it is actually cool. 


Neobux Strategy

RR is the coolest feature of all in Neobux. You can rent referrals and save all the hassle involved with DR.
  • You can rent 1 referral for $0.2 and you must rent at least 3, which is $0.6.
  • Your first aim is to accumulate $0.6 and rent 3 referrals.
  • Click all ads for the first 15-20 days until you accumulate enough money to rent 3 RRs.
  • Keep a check on your referrals if they are making enough clicks.
  • If Average clicks is over 2-4, they are okay and anything above 4 is good.
  • Recycle the RRs that have not made any clicks for 3-4 days.
  • This will cost you $0.07 but it's very important or you may end up losing your money.
  • As you go up the ladder with more RRs, do not spend the entire balance for RRs.
  • Ensure that you have enough money in your balance for recycling referrals. 
  • I'd suggest you to not cash out and go on with RRs until you have enough money per month to upgrade to Golden
  • Golden account almost doubles the amount which you earn from your referrals and clicks. 
  • From here on, it is up to you - you can increase your RRs or just auto-renew the existing RRs and cashout.
  • My suggestion is to go on with RRs until you have reached 1000 RRs as it will only increase your earning potential.
Patience is the key to earn money with Neobux.
The initial 15 to 20 days is the difficult phase.
Be patient and accumulate your first $0.6, follow the procedure mentioned above and you will do just fine.
You can join Neobux by clicking here.

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